"A Private Equity Investment
And Management Firm"




In its quest to acquire and develop preeminent privately held businesses, Kildare Enterprises, LLC adheres closely to certain guidelines. Specifically, acquisition prospects should exhibit…

  • An established history of sales and earnings growth,
  • Annual revenues between $10 and $50 million,
  • And should be engaged in proprietary and/or value added activities in the manufacturing or distribution sectors.

Kildare's investors require controlling interest in most situations, but our approach to ownership structure is flexible, and can be tailored to suit the needs and objectives of existing owners and managers.

Our strong preference is to partner with the existing owners and/or operators of companies we acquire, and to support these managers with our capital and our expertise.

Kildare enters most investment relationships with the goal of…

      Building company revenue and profit, by…

  • Helping management identify and focus on the one or two most important strategic issues that confront the business,
  • Installing and fortifying management systems designed to facilitate the control of financial information, production and quality assurance processes, and sales and marketing programs, and by…
  • Developing outstanding management teams capable of perpetuating the company's success well beyond Kildare's period of ownership.

The duration of Kildare's investments will vary widely, but at the outset we target an investment time frame of two to seven years. In our experience, this range allows enough time for Kildare and its management partners to accomplish our stated objectives.

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